Due on March 13

  1. (10 points) Please use two photos of your own (please don't use stock photos) to create a hybrid image (see this). Basically you just need to add a low-pass filtered image of one photo with a high-pass filtered image of another one. The simplest approach is probably approximating a low-pass filter with a Gaussian filter and a complementary high-pass filter with (\(1-\)“Gaussian filter”). That is, we can obtain a high-pass filtered image by subtracting the original image by a low-pass filtered image. Of course, you may also achieve something similar by playing with the fourier transformed images or discrete cosine transformed (DCT) images also.

  2. (10 points) Please use the same photos to create a composting image with one side from one image and another side from another image. Please decompose your images into a Laplacian pyramids with 5 levels (Note that the width and height of your images need to be a product of \(2^5=32\). You should resize them otherwise).

    1. Extra credit (5 points). Create a trackbar to vary the number of levels of decomposition as shown in class. You can use the cvui package.

For both questions, please submit a pdf containing

  • the source code

  • the original photos

  • a screen capture of the output result

Please upload your solution to Canvas before the due date. Please note that we have a strict 5% per late-day penalty as listed on the course website