Due on April 3

  • In this HW, you will implement functions to stitch two images

    • Please download the assignment from this git repository

  1. Q1a. (10 points) The homography to warp the first image to align with the second image is given. You are asked to implement a function to stitch the two images given the homography.

  2. Q1b. (Extra credit/5 points) Implement a method to determine the size of the stitch image and output a translation matrix if shift is needed.

  3. Q2a. (10 points) Implement (from first principle) to compute homography to warp given matched points. Use your own images to test your implementation.

  4. Q2b. (Extra credit/5 points) Implement RANSAC to improve your homography estimate.

  • Please convert the jupyter notebook into pdf before submission. Please make sure your code is legible.