"Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everybody's gonna die. Come watch TV." -- Morty Smith



I am an amatuer musician. Learned a little bit guitar and piano but am never good at that. I compose a little also every once a while. My favorite chord progression is Some songs I composed (or maybe I accidentally plagarized) and arranged


My wordpress blog and YouTube channel (not quite regularly maintained)


Disclaimer: All the codes below are provided as is. Please feel free to contact me for any questions/comments/suggestions. Unfortunately, I probably may not be able to reply each email.

Capsule networks

Image Processing


Jupyter Notebooks for Teaching



Just want to create a list of useful (research or not) "tools" that I use both regularly and occasionally. I also kept a list that I created about a deacade ago. It is interesting to see how things change so much over the years. Maybe I will create another list of my daily used tools a decade later.

List created in 12/2016

List created 10 years ago

Some often used Linux tricks

Some of the handy Linux tricks collected over the years.

My Cat Story

I have four cats: fatty, lucky, tiny, and foxy.


One day several years ago the mama cat knocked my back door. I let her in and a month later, I got 5 more cats. (6 were born, but one was a stillborn.) So at my peak, I had 6 cats in my home. But mama cat eventually ran away. I heard from friends that in nature mama cat always kicks her kittens out of the nest when they grew big. I guess she just can't stand that they were still there and so she left instead.

As an inexperience pet owner, I initially let them go outdoor and I think they absolutely enjoy it. Unfortunately, one of the kittens got hit and killed by a car. I was so sad and sobbed for him for an hour or so. :( My home is quite far from the main road (more than 500 feet) and it is not a very busy street. It didn't come to me that an accident like that could ever occur.

From that on, I sadly have to ban all of them from going outdoor ever. But I guess they are kind of used to it now and actually Tiny never shows much eager of going out at all. Lucky was the one who seemed to enjoy outdoor a lot. I tried to put him in a harness but he just got mad with it everytime. So eventually I just have to give up the idea of "walking" him. Now that he hasn't been out for almost a year, it seems that even he is used to be an indoor cat as well.

Btw, my cat who died young was called Eric. I sometimes think it might be a jinx that I shouldn't have given a human name to a cat. (All my other cats' names rhyme at least.) But I still think it was a perfect name---he just acted like Eric Cartman, big, fat, but also got agitated easily.

Update: as of 2022, Fatty has moved to my neighbor Brad. She ran away for a while and was not willing to come back home. She never got along with her sibling very well. Eventually, Brad is very nice and adopted her. She is now called Fatima.